Stem Cell Regeneration Therapy in Orthopaedics is a rapidly growing area in which stem cells from the body are used to augment, promote, and accelerate healing and growth.

Stem cells have the ability to become any given cell or tissue in the body, and have the ability to release growth and healing factors.  By utilizing your own living stem cells, we can treat a variety of joint/tissue injuries and diseases.

We obtain your living stem cells directly from you by obtaining your own bone marrow which contains the cells which lead to tissue regeneration and healing.  We isolate and concentrate your own living stem cells, and then place them into the correct area to allow for growth and healing.  This process can occur in the office or in a treatment room at our surgery center, and the treatment is completed during a single visit.

We utilize only LIVING, 100% natural stem cells obtained directly from you.  Because this treatment is completely biologic and utilizes your body’s own natural growth/healing factors, stem cell therapy is very safe with few if any side effects.  Success following this treatment may vary, but science and studies have shown successful regenerative and healing outcomes with stem cell therapy.